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Skateboarding for Building Self Confidence in Children

Skateboarding for Building Self Confidence in Children

What’s So Great About Kids Skateboarding?  It helps boys and girls develop self confidence on a number of levels.

1. Skateboarding is great exercise!

When I was a child, there was no such thing as an Ipad, Ipod, or a tablet.  The great thing about this was that unless I was allowed to play Nintendo (which I was only allowed to do for about an hr per day) I would be outside doing some sort of physical play.  Unfortunately it can be difficult to convince children these days to put down the Play Station controls, however, if you can get a child involved in a sport that is a ton of fun, they will not even realize that they are getting exercise.   Skateboarding is a “positive addiction” for thousands of children around the country, and the number is growing.   As a partner with skateboarding lessons I’ve had the experience of seeing thousands of kids benefit from a lasting romance with this great sport.

2. Skateboarding Boosts Self Confidence

There is nothing like mastering a new task that can give a child a sense of self worth and happiness – especially when the task mastery is combined with positive feedback from an adult.  Skateboarding is the perfect mix of challenge and attainability.  Most children ages 5-12 can master the basics of maneuvering a skateboard in the space of a couple of hours.  Secondary skills like pushing and turning can be attained in a couple of additional hours.  After the child can ride comfortably on the skateboard, children can often learn how to do a trick like the Ollie in 4 or 5 hours.  The Ollie is a great starter trick because it is the basis for more complex skateboarding tricks like the Kickflip.

3. Skateboarding is Non-competitive for Girls and Boys Who Wouldn’t Benefit from Competitive Sports

Sometimes competitive sports can have a negative impact on children who feel that they are not up to the competition.  As a mentor in the the Big Brother Big Sister program, I had first hand experience with this situation with my “little brother”.  He began to play football about a year ago when he was 12.  He has a fairly fragile personality in spite of his large size, so when he encountered the physical roughness that is common in football, he didn’t handle it well and ended up taking the coaches’ suggestion that he “help coach the team.”  This was a well meaning attempt to soften the blow of taking him off the team, but my little brother still brings it up, and I am sure he sees it as a mark of shame.

Skateboarding helps a child develop the skill set at their own pace in private, and when they feel confident enough, they can begin to do it with other children as a type of team sport.

How Kid’s Skateboarding is Making The World a Better Place

In 2008 I was a Corporal in the USMC patrolling the streets of Basra Iraq, where I saw firsthand the way the children of war-torn countries like Iraq love to emulate Americans.  They wanted our gear, our brands, and our food. We handed out soccer balls to these children as a gesture of goodwill and it worked!  Groups of kids would follow us for miles with their new soccer balls asking for more.  This goes to show that sharing sports can go a long way to help make a difference. So could skateboarding be the catalyst to change in the problem spots of the world?


Nate W. (left) in Basra Iraq

Later in 2010 I had the awesome experience of sharing skateboarding in Fermanagh Ireland.  I traveled with Goskate Skateboarding school to instruct local children in the art of skateboarding.  What I learned was that the sport of skateboarding has an incredible ability create goodwill with people of all countries.

teaching kids to skateboard

We all know the story of Kim Jung Ung the North Korean dictator and Dennis Rodman the American basketball star.  The connection with basketball allowed Dennis Rodman to negotiate significant issues that had nothing to do with sports!  This example shows how even the countries that are most hostile to American influences are without a doubt being influenced by American sports.

According to ABC News, young girls in Afghanistan are picking up the hobby of skateboarding and it’s making some big waves!  Traditionally, Afghanistan has been extremely resistant to influences from the western world, but it seems skateboarding is a sport they just couldn’t resist!

Photo Courtesy of

The great thing about promoting U.S. sports instead of politics is that sports are something that can bring us all together, as opposed to politics which push us apart.  When we can find common ground with something as simple as skateboard, it can set the stage for acceptance of U.S. influence in other areas like women’s rights, and democratic process.

Skateboarding is likely the fastest growing sport among the younger generation here in the U.S. and the love of the sport is something that should be shared world-wide.  Maybe instead of dropping in with Blackhawk helicopters, we should be dropping in with skateboards!

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Interesting Skateboarding Idea, Weird Trick!

Create Your Own Skateboard-Snowboard – Makes it Easier to Land Tricks!
by Paul J. Hakel

One day I was at the skatepark and someone came around and started using a spare bike tire as bindings for his skateboard. This allowed him to create a kind of “rollerblade-skateboard” or “snowboard-skateboard”. It’s a little different from being outright locked in, because there is still wiggle room to allow your foot to come out and push for speed. The board can also be kicked off if in mid trick some kind of problem arises.

This design is simple to create, but perhaps in the future a commercial model might create a more durable bike tire/rubber piece to put across.

Step 1: Get a bike tire. Ideally recycle one which has a small hole in it and can’t be used for biking anymore.
Step 2: Put your skateboard upside-down (wheels facing up).
Step 3: Pull the rubber over a skateboard truck and under the two wheels.
Step 4: Wrap onto the tail of the board and around the top of the board (flip over; griptape facing up).
Step 5: Pull over the other tail and flip back over so that the board is upside-down (wheels facing up).
Step 6: Pull bike tire tube over the truck.
Step 7: Adjust to make sure the tube is in the center of the tails on each side.

Additional Notes on Set-up:
*Bike tube tires and skateboard decks (the wood part) vary. You may need to experiment with sizes to find the right one.
*If a bike tire tube is too big, you can usually wrap it around and extra time on one of the trucks.

Notes on Riding:
*Learn to tic tac and pump, rather than push with your foot.
*Challenge yourself to try flip tricks even with the tube across the top!
*Try to do bigger airs and spins than is normally accessible on a regular skateboard design!

Good luck riding and have fun with this new snowboarding-skateboard design!

-Paul J. Hakel!

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