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Some good ideas for buying a beginner’s skateboard in Norwood MA:

The size of the beginner’s skateboard is not as important as you might suspect. A small child can readily use an adult skateboard. If anything, buying a bigger skateboard can save you money in the long term.

At we offer our own brand – “The Goskate Board” – that we have determined to work well for kids based on the skateboard price, and the quality of the skateboard. At different times we may feature different skateboardsbased upon the best value we can offer you, but you can be certain that each skateboard sold on our website is here because our experienced team of skateboarders have tested and recommended them.

Quality beginner skateboards can be tedious to pick out. Termite skateboards are specifically designed for kids. Sometimes the Tony Hawk line of skateboards fall more closely into the budget of many parents and novice skateboarders, but most often the Termite skateboards are better quality and overall a better choice even though they may be a little more pricey. While we think that “The Goskate Board” is a better value, even before you factor in our money back guarantee, and our focus on helping the beginners that purchase our board succeed, the Termite skateboard can also be a good choice.

Yet another point to remember when buying a skateboard in Norwood MA is the protective gear. protective gear is arguable the most vital part of any novice skateboarder’s repertoire. Our “Timesaver Beginner’s Package” can take the trouble out of buying skateboards and skateboarding helmets and pads. We put in this package high quality elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards, combined with a pro qualityskateboard helmet, and board, so instead of driving around to buy a beginner’s skateboard in Norwood MA, you can do all of the work in a few minutes online..

Skateboard For Kids Skate Shop of Norwood MA is your #1 spot for finding a beginner’s skateboard. Our goal is #1 simplicity, and #2 quality, and all the while, we keep the skateboarding equipment and skateboards inexpensive.

All of the skateboards we sell are tested and tried by skateboarders around the globe, and we bring the best – “The Goskate Board” here for you experience. There is no reason to pay the prices in Norwood skate shops – our prices are sure to be cheaper when you compare boards of a similar quality.

Whether you are thefirst time skateboarder, or you are purchasing a skateboard in Norwood for your young skateboarder, the styles ofskateboards shown here on our site always have the most important of beginner skateboarding in mind: Reliability; Safety; and Performance. These details coupled with the stylish designs of our boards, and the valuable free instruction we provide with each purchase, makes the absolute best site for buying your first skateboard.

Why don’t we offer more parts of non-assembled boards? Because we know that beginner skateboarders need to find their style and preferences, so instead of making the tough decisions of what kind of skateboard wheels, bearings, and trucks to buy, you can use our expertise and get the complete skateboard here with the understanding that you have everything you need to begin skateboarding. We offer an advantage over local Norwood MA skate stores because we have all the know how for purchasing the best skateboard here at your fingertips, instead of trusting your purchase decision to the skateshop guy that is probably most interested on selling you their most expensive board!

One last thing: Many beginners choose to buy their first board at Walmart, Target, or a similar store. These boards have lower quality bearings, making the board “slow”, and making the learning experience more difficult. The boards are often made of low quality material that is likely to crack or break soon after your purchase, so instead of saving money, the replacement cost makes the decision more expensive. The “Goskate Board” is made of American Maple, and is guaranteed to last. The bearings and trucks are top quality, so the result is a designer board, at a very cheap price!